@srdceleva , it really depends. There’s a lot of regional pride in Croatia and that doesn’t exclude Croatian areas of Bosnia or Herzegovina. As a result everyone has a stereotype. Bosnian Croats, like most Bosnians in general, are perceived as warm, easy to get along with, funny, but also a bit naive. Herzegovian Croats, in contrast, are perceived as argumentative with something of a temper but also seen to have a sharp business acumen. If I were to compare region to region I’d say Slavonian Croats really adore Bosnian Croats and Dalmatian Croats feel a special kinship with Herzegovian Croats (while Zagreb Croats usually find something disagreeable with both Dalmatian and Herzegovian Croats especially when it comes Dinamo and Hajduk differences lol). Croats in general whether from Cro, BiH, or somewhere abroad are a tight knit group and we usually feel a deep sense brotherhood, loyalty, and respect for other Cros no matter where they are from. That said, there are still disputes as with any other group.