@Gvarda There’s nothing in that quote to indicate that he meant only a part of the law or the prophets. And it makes little sense to believe so anyway – Jesus was a reformer, trying to supposedly return Judaism back to its scriptural roots (and thus opposing the Sadducees and Pharisees), not establish a new religion. And particularly in regards to the faith, you can’t get any more clearer than that – “No one comes to the Father except through Me.” Yes, he didn’t hand out any membership certificates etc, but that’s not what faith is about anyway – if you don’t worship him as a son of God and your saviour, no matter if you’re a Muslim, a Buddhist or a Pastafarian, you’re not going to heaven. And if you were a Muslim, but decided to worship Jesus as a son of God (and not just a prophet), then you are effectively no longer a Muslim, but a Christian (even if for various reasons you’d still claim to be Muslim). It doesn’t require any papers, just faith, and your faith is now Christianity. If you’re not a Christian by faith (with all that it entails), you’re not going up, no matter how good of a person are you. Unless if you’ve never heard of Christianity’s message in the first place, maybe…

Of course, all that is from an in-Christian perspective. A relatively consistent one, at least, though Christianity, both scriptural and historical, is quite inconsistent anyway (along with pretty much all other religions).