@Gvarda That’s a serious theological question (“Can homosexuals enter heaven?”) and while I’m not an authority on the matter, your comment makes the most important difference – repentance. Then again, repentance means you no longer do it again, so I guess the truly Christian homosexuals would be the celibate ones. Of course, I don’t know what Catholicism’s view on repentance is – maybe they still have things like indulgences and reciting Hail Mary a number of time as “repentance”? Otherwise, in regards to the different faith – sure, former Muslims etc are obviously accepted, as long as they convert to Christianity. There are still potential loopholes which theologians argue about, of course – f.e. if a person (be it a modern Muslim or an ancient Aztec or a stillborn) has never heard of Christ and Christianity, where do they go after they die? Are they judged based on conscience instead?

Btw, while Christianity’s roots are in Judaism (i.e. the Middle East), it has been very seriously influenced by Greek philosophy, especially in the times of the Early church, to the point that some scholars consider it a syncretism between the two.