@Sviatogor yes Rusyns in Slovakia are an Eastern Slavic people , no one is saying they arent, just that they aren’t ukrainian and are heavily influenced by Slovaks as u said, and I think culturally feel closer to Slovaks than to Ukrainians which means a lot. The problem is west Slavic and east Slavic is still Slavic , they aren’t really that much different from each other and the lines become blurred very blurred in the case of rusyns. 

Also yes I know that Greek Catholics were orhtodox who joined the church at the council of uzhorod but I would have to research it better, there may have been Slovaks who were under an orthodox sphere of influence there in the east but I’m not sure. Either way all I know is that there are many Greek Catholics in eastern Slovakia who claim to just be Slovak and only speak Slovak and not rusyn so they are now Slovaks either way.