@Sviatogor Ukrainian is a modern ethnic term that never existed before modern times.Ukraine was known as maly Rus for hundreds of years before ukraine ever came around and modern Ukraine was never a unified country . Western Ukrainians were originally the same people as rusyns in Slovakia and still are to some extant but rusyns in slovakia are not “Ukrainian” and never were “Ukrainian” the term didn’t ever exist for them and they never will identify as that and never lived under Soviet Ukrainian rule so they feel no connection to that term. However not all Greek Catholics in Slovakia are rusyns this is just not true. Many Greek Catholics are Slovak and speak only Slovak and do not identify as rusyns yet are Greek Catholic. For example this guy found it his original name was chovanec. It’s a typical Slovak name all over the country and I know a guy from South west Slovakia with this exact name, and he has nothing to do with rusyns. Rusyns may technically be Eastern Slavic on paper but the truth is they are an in-between people. Eastern Slovak dialect and Ruthenian are mutually intelligible and they would probably understand each other much better than a rusyn guy and a Russian guy. 

You are a very smart guy svviatogor but u have e some held biases that you won’t let go of. You like to put people into boxes many times like east and  west Slavic but it’s not always like that. It’s like I make a nice comment about Belarus one time and how i like it’s name because even in English “white Russia” sound nice and u immediately tell me it doesn’t mean white Russia, which is utterly not true. Belarus literally translates to white Russia and German is literally called Weiss Russland . 

Its just some strange bias u have and u can’t take things any other way