Lol what’s with all the hate on Catholics and christianity. I’m a proud practicing Catholic and I can assure u the vast majority of us are just humans but trying to follow Gods teachings. Messing up doesn’t make us any more of hypocrites than you, just humans. Also the Pope today say homosexuality is a sin and gay marriage should be illegal he just speaks In a softer tone than the previous Pope. Also christianity and Catholicism is not European don’t no where u get that. It’s clearly a middle Eastern faith brought to Europe and in eruope it follows European traditions which is normal. I consider orthodoxy and Catholicism to be the same essentially with slightly different traditions and heiarchy. I mean the official name of the Orthodox Church is actually the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church and there are Orthodox and Catholic faiths all over the middle East and Africa which were never made Christian by colonies ridiculous to say christianity is European.. I haven’t always lived the best life and I’m by no means a saint but the sincerest and most trust worthy people ive ever met were Christians who actually practiced their faith. There is a reason why mother Theresa was Catholic and why Pope John Paul 2 was able to forgive someone who tried to kill him or why Maximilian kolbe willingly gave up his own life for a fellow concentration camp inmate, namely because they had faith in Christ not because of some secular ideals lol. 

To get back on point in slovak yes they eat carp or another fish on Christmas Eve and also in my family at least we at mushroom soup from mushrooms picked in mountains also u mix viniger with it. Potatoes salad is also eaten. My father also would always take walnuts and through them in every corner of the house I don’t know why. We also will go to Mass and we will sing songs while the baby Jesus (jezisko) supposedly puts the presents under the tree, he will ring a bell to let us know when we can come and look ;). At least that’s how things r done in my family, but I’m pretty sure those r all Slovak traditions.