Yes but I addressed your opinion specifically. When Slav = Yugoslav (in the political sense) then a lot of Croats don’t want anything to do with that and would gladly think more favorably on their history with AH than Yugoslavia. I get it, you disagree and believe Croats should be on bended knee to Serbs and Yugoslavs thanking them for even existing. That’s a very particular kind of view point. How do you feel about socialism? Just curious. If you actually know many Croats (which I’m going to guess that you don’t) then you’ll quickly see we don’t have a problem with Slavs in general and really cherish relationships with fellow Slavs like Poles and Ukrainians. 

You never addressed the question of the topic. You gave your vision of history as regards Croats but never actually explained or showed what Croats are actually like as they exist in the world today because you actually don’t know. You only make categorizations based on your specific political and historical viewpoints which is going to obscure things for sure. 

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