You can’t really talk about Slavs in general in a sentence;”when our fellow Slav brothers wanted to take everything from us…” You were specific that Slavs brothers wanted to take everything from Croatia but I can’t think of any event in the history that justify your statement. Especially when Croatia always benefited from any alliance with the fellow Slavs. You also mentioned that the both, Croatian Ustasha regime and communists, negatively impacted Croatia. To use those two in the same sentence is a preatty bold statement.
 At no point I defended Serbs, nor I favor them in any away. However, I’m a historian and I’m doing my academic work on the subject of ex-Yugoslavia and I don’t think that the official interpretation of the recent events in Yugoslavia will help the truth and the history itself. When you say “…
and most of the world disagrees with to be frank…” it doesn’t mean that most of the world is right, it’s just mean that the most of the world is intentionally influenced by the same media. I do have an experiance with Croats as well as the rest of the ex Yu community, mostly experiance with the refugies, economic immigrants and their children growing up in the Western Europe so I don’t judge respective nations on those experiances.  Individually, Slavs are much better people then colectivlly, so I try to make a distiction between those two.