@anna25 If I was talking about only Serbs then I’d have mentioned Serbs specifically, I was talking about Slavs in general but obviously in the Balkans mostly since it pertains to Croatia. There were also Croats that really negatively impacted Croatia such as the WW2 regime you mentioned, communists, etc. The Serbs are proud people and if something is offensive I’m sure they don’t need you leaping to their defense. 

It’s not just in the ExYu though, Slavs in other parts of Europe have cultivated better historical relationships with non Slavs more than with their Slav neighbors because of trust issues. 

From reading some of your posts I see you have a very particular point of view when it comes to Yugoslav history that I don’t agree with (and most of the world disagrees with to be frank) but that’s your prerogative and you’re entitled to it.

Tell me as you have me interested now, do you know or have you known a lot of Croats in your life since the topic asks ‘what are Croatian people like?’ Can you tell us more about your own experience with Croatians?