I saved this post written in 2013 from Slavorum describing what qualities are necessary to be Slavic. According to the following, I am not a Slav, even though I do have 50% Slavic (Ukrainian) heritage. I agree with this list, btw. I mean, I am born and raised in USA, so how can I be a Slav? I am not fluent in a Slavic language, though I keep trying to learn Russian.  :/

August 2013

To be a Slav means

1. To be brought up in a Slavic culture 

2. To have physical appearance of Slavic people. One doesn’t need to be genetically and phenotypically exactly like an average Slav from a Slavic country. Although, Oriental or African or other exotic appearances will not help gaining acceptance.

3. To be physically present in a Slavic country. As someone wrote  once: ” It is not the consciousness of men that determines their being, but, on the contrary, their social being determines their consciousness.” It’s very important to live in a Slavic society.

4. To be a patriot of Slavic country.

5. To cherish Slavic culture. If you don’t like the culture of your ancestors, then you are not a Slav. Sorry.

6. The  knowledge of a Slavic  language. Actually, 2-3 Slavic languages would be ideal.  Many people around the world are bilingual and our Slavic brothers and sisters living abroad cannot learn the larguage of their parents and grandparents? I don’t buy their excuses.

The list to be continued.