@Dušan, Slovak, that’s cool. I’ve never met a Slovak from Vojvodina though I knew there’s plenty there just like in Slavonia. No worries, I make fun of some blatantly made up new Croatian words too and so do Croatian comedians. It’s a sign of humility when you can make fun of yourself on occasion. Some Serbs I’ve met from Bosnia/Croatia do try to speak like Serbs in Serbia now and you can hear them struggle with the accent because it’s not natural. There’s interviews with Neda Ukraden in which she tries to speak Serbian like from Serbia but its obvious she’s trying too hard. Eh, I’m not saying its widespread but that’s been my experience. Bosnian Serbs are also trying to ex sponge more and more of the Latin script and make Cyrillic more standard though they were always weak in reading Cyrillic (compared to Serbia Serbs and Macedonians). And when Bosniaks use completely foreign Turko-Arabic words sometimes I’m confused or I’m left guessing what they mean to say.