@anna25  LOL, we didn’t see Slovenes as ‘genetically modified Germans’ but that did make me laugh a bit, thanks for that <span>:smile:</span>. When you think about it, Slovenes might be the ‘purest’ Slavs in the southern region given that they’ve experienced the least Ottoman-Muslim influence when compared to their southern neighbors. There’s been a degree of blood and culture mixing with Greeks, Turks, and other Middle Easterners that the Slovenes escaped largely unscathed. In a lot of ways Slovenes share more in common with Western Slavs than southern Slavs or they’re at least like a ‘middle ground’ between southern and western Slavs.  

Croats and Slovenes have good relations with German speaking people not just because we were in the same Empire for hundreds of years or that in every major war we’ve been mostly allies, but also because in the 20th century, especially during communist Yugoslavia, a lot of the gastrabeiters in Germany were Croats ( and also Slovenes to a degree) that made modern inroads into German society and actually had an impact on foreign policy. I’m not pro-German and I despise Merkel and I detest the direction the EU is going in but historically speaking Germans and Austrians have always had our backs even when our fellow Slav bothers wanted to take everything from us. I’d prefer to be in closer relations with fellow Slavs so long as we’re not trying to back stab each other. <span>:wink:</span>