@Dušan , If you’re not a Serb and you’re from Vojvodina then I guess that makes you Hungarian, Slovak, Croat, or one of the other many minorities? Sorry I mistook you for Serb since your username appears Serbian/pravoslavac. Is “bre” spoken all throughout Serbia or just the Belgrade area? Yeah, Eastern Slavonia is just one of those places where Serbs are still not well liked in Croatia. In other places like Zagreb and Rijeka people really don’t have a problem with visitors from Serbia and treat them like anyone else. What you said earlier is true, there’s been a purist movement in the Croatian langauge every since the 90s to ex sponge certain words and phrases we share with Serbian. In some ways its cool as older archaic Slavic words have been introduced (or reintroduced) but in other ways its a bit silly especially when new words are invented that no regular people use. On the flip side there’s been an inquisition on the Serbian language too, especially with Serbian speakers in Croatia and BiH to speak more like Serbs from Serbia so they abandon certain Croatian or Bosnian words like ‘kruh’ and ‘zrak’ and attempt to speak ekavica instead of (i)jekavica which they grew up speaking.  Bosniaks have also introduced some more Turko-Arabic vocabulary. The politics of it is funny in a sad way but also pretty dumb too from both sides.