@Xekoslav It’s the same here, everybody glorifies their faith I would say equally as Croats, but mostly older women go to church regularly and everybody else goes on their Slava or bigger holidays. I passed through Croatia while traveling somewhere more times than I can remember, I visited Croatia several times, but only once for a longer period (and not the seaside, but Slavonia), I have positive experiences, although all those war monuments are a bit strange to see for me (I’m just not used to it). I hope to go for a longer period again, my goals are Osijek, Zagreb and the seaside. 
I’m just kidding, I only ever spoke it as a joke and not everyone always share my sense of humor. BTW I speak pretty much like people from Vukovar or Vukovarsko-Srijemska županija as a whole minus the (i)jekavica and standard Croatian words (although I noticed Croats sometimes use words that are practically nonexistent on your television because they aren’t standard Croatian, but Serbian). So if I just add (i)jekavica, I can pass, mine accent is otherwise the same as theirs.