The Article should be a shame to the person who posted it.

Firstly your statement that Lithuania was first Established on the Upper Neman Basin in todays western Belarus cannot be proven, We do not know were Lithuania was firstly Established, Another conflicting factor is that the there are Many towns and Villages on the Upper Neman Basin that were already controlled By Slavic Principalities Even Before the Establishment of the Kingdom of Lithuania.


To Try and Discredit Lithuanians as Simply Samogitians is an Offensive tactic, Thankfully enought you cannot back what you wrote, How about i give you a fact? In the 1219 Lithuania – Halych Volhnyia Peace treaty 21 Lithuanian dukes were Mentioned, Amongst them Were the Rulers of Samogitia and Dukes residing in Samogitia, It seems that all of the Lithuanian dukes had the same Styled Names, And Similar toponyms to Samogitian names. Id also Like to point out that Russian Chronicles of the 13th century mentioned that Lithuanian King Mindaug was a Pagan and Worshipped the Gods, Percunos (Perkunas) Teliovel (Teliovelis) and Medeino (Medeina), These are all clearly Baltic gods with Baltic names. Dont try to dicredit this.


As the Truth stands, Lithuanians were a Baltic tribe, With a very Similar culture, language and Religion to Samogitians, And todays Descendants of these Lithuanians Live in todays Western Lithuania, Afterall you know that Samogitia takes up only 1/3 of Modern day Lithuania? And back then Ethnographic Lithunian Lands Stretched even further than Today, There is a Reason why the Majority of Towns, Cities and Villages in Western Belarus have Baltic Toponyms and why Dialects of the Belarusian Language in those areas have many Baltisms.


”Modern Day Samogitia, Sometimes called Lithuania now uses the Pahonia”

No Modern Day Samogitia does not use the Pahonia, If you are speaking about Modern Day Lithuania, Which consists of Dzukija, Aukstaitija and Suvalkija, Then yes we do use Pahonia, However the Samogitians prefer to use the Chained Bear.

It is sad that there is such a Divide between Belarusians and Lithuanians in our History, We share a common Heritage and should not fight over some kind of Coat of Arms, Slavic Lands have been incorporated first in the Kingdom of Lithuania under the Reign of Mindaug, But even then many Areas in todays western Belarus have been inhabited by Baltic speking people for a very Long time, Even in the 16th century they were quite prominant. Especially around Lida, Asmena, Surviliski, Medininki. Both Belarusians and Lithuanians have a claim to the Lithuanian idenitity, There is no need to hate each other over our common history.