Present day Zakarpatie was always part of ancient Rus state. It’s obvious from history, ethnography, language, religion. People of Zarpatie speak an eastern Slavic language which is essentially modern day Ukrainian. Check academic literature or listen to people of Zakarpatie.

Zarapatie was part of kingdom of poland becaming part of Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth in 1569. Start with wikipedia.

The prime chronicle – the Tale of Bygone years compiled in Kiev around 1113 states Zakarpatie was part of ancient Rus that was populated by White Croats. Back the White Croats were eastern Slavs. Today, people of Zakarpatie are eastern Slavs, as they have been in the last 1,000 years.


Western Slavs (Slovaks) don’t even speak as Rusyns. Rusyns of Zakarpatie can have a meaningful conversation with Belarusians. I can understand Rusyns and western Ukrainians. I can write meaningful sentences. It’s more difficult to understand Slovak and Czech.