Croatian people are very open and accommodating and you’ll already be in good graces if you’re there since that means you decided to visit the country. Croatians love when foreigners take an interest in Croatia they love being asked about Croatia and Croatian culture. Croats also like when guests really try to speak Croatian as its taken as a sign of respect. Don’t worry though, most Croats, especially 40 years old and below, speak fluent or good enough English to have a conversation with. Croats, particularly men, enjoy conversations about sports, especially football (soccer), basketball (NBA), and mixed martial arts. You’ll also get on their good side even more if you know something about any international Croatian athletes. Having a good appetite for the local food and being able to drink is also a bonus. For other nationalities Croats really like Poles, Germans, Australians, and Irish and will often compliment your country if you’re from one of these countries. 

There’s a couple pitfalls to avoid and that’s talking about politics (unless you agree with the politics if the person you’re talking to) and calling Croatians “Yugoslavs” or “ex-Yugoslavs” is a something you should avoid. Again, unless you agree with the politics of the person you’re talking to, don’t talk about the homeland war in the 90s. Now a days Croatians won’t typically bring it up to a guest in their country ( they still might but not as often) but will certainly talk your ear off if you bring it up. If you agree with the Croatian interpretation of it then you’ll score brownie points, if you criticize it then you might get some cold shoulders. The topic isn’t quite as sensitive as it was before but it’s still a soft spot considering how recent all of it was and most people remember it (except millenials)