Pitulici – Pancake.

We often had Pitulici when there was a new-born in the family or community. 

We would arrive at the house of the new-born’s family, and “na pitulici” was the saying.

I also know, that in the village, they used to grow marijuana plants back in the old days, and they didn’t smoke the plant leaves, as they didn’t know it was a drug, but they used the plants to create hemp for clothing and ropes. 

Nonetheless, the Slavs were quite innovative with the marijuana plants, they used to extract the “sap” from the plant and mix it into the Pitulici recipe.  So, whenever they had babies, they were a very happy bunch! 

It was not until my family migrated to Australia that they realised the marijuana plants were a drug, and stopped mixing the sap into the Pitulici recipe.



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