@SvetovidSlovenski, I agree. But kolovrat also reminds
many of Nazi swastika. You see a Celtic cross. And some will see aggression in
wolf. I think we should not bow down and say “this reminds me of xy”,
therefore we can’t use it. Hey, it’s ours. No one can take it away from us.

Where I’m from Glagoljica was never used, and we
are as Slavic as anybody.

I’m afraid that we have to invent something new or
fresh to represent us all, not copying historic artefacts and use them as a

A logo can’t say everything at once. You can’t expect
it to tell the whole Slavic history in one breath. Logo must be semantically
layered but still simple. You adopt a logo through years of use.

If you just created a hi-tech company and ask a
designer for a logo, you would pretty much have some sort of scope of what to

But what if designer’s idea was a half-eaten apple?
You’ll probably reject that idea in a second.

Sometimes you just have to invent something fresh. I’m
not saying no9 is perfect. I’m just saying it’s in the direction I like
(thinner lines, less boldness, mole lightness….). And all logos go thru many
iterations before they are perfect.


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