Little of I learned…

Before Empire Hungary was destroyed by Trianon, they called Slovakian minister to tell him, that Slovakians can have a state if they wish, and do there whatever they want. That state however was smaller than today Slovakia, or WW2 Slovakia (This imagined Slovakia would have borders by not containing the Cities Bratislava,Kosice, Banská Bystrica). This was not happened than…

Read somewhere that Hitler ordered Horthy to Berlin before the end of Czehoslovakia, and wanted to make Horthy to make the whole Slovakia to be part of Hungary. But Horthy said no…

There were some arguing in that times when Slovakia was created so far, read somewhere that Slovakians wanted cities like Vác, Miskolc…

Well, this is end of off topic.

Today's Slovakia should be recognized as it exists… The only border change I would support is Seklerland, Eastern Transylvania, where they live in majority even today


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