There were some arguing in that times when Slovakia was created so far, read somewhere that Slovakians wanted cities like Vác, Miskolc…

Yeah, there were some efforts of Czecho-Slovak government to go more southern due to Slovaks in those areas (around Vác and Miskolc).

Current map of municipalities in Hungary in which still lives Slovak minority, mostly in regions Pilis (Pilíš -> from Slovak pleš /baldness/); Nógrad (Novohrad -> from Slovak nový hrad /new castle/); Zemplén (Zemplín -> from eastern Slovak/Ruthenian word zem.. /ground, land/, Zrkadlo could say); Mátra and Bukk mountains (Matra and Buk -> from Slovak buk /beech/); and Bácska (Báčka). Official numbers of Slovaks are between 11 000 – 17 000, but non-official numbers are about 100 000. After the dissolution of kingdom of Hungary (after WW1) both of succession states modern Hungary and Czecho-Slovakia were supposed to have the same amount of Hungarian minority on one side and Slovak minority on the other side (400 000 – 500 000), while 70 000 of Hungarians were relocated from Czecho-Slovakia to Hungary and 70 000 of Slovaks were relocated from Hungary to Czecho-Slovakia. Nowadays the Hungarian minority in Slovakia still numbers almost 500 000, while Slovak minority in Hungary is almost fully assimilated mostly thanks to educational system (there is no pure Slovak school in Hungary, all of them are bilingual and Slovak language is taught as a foreign language just like English or German, so-called Slovak high-schools are just a tragicomedy, even teachers can't speak Slovak properly, actually their Slovak is so poor).

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