Yep, tornadoes are something else and watching it on video and being in one are two different things. On April 27th this year there was one of the worst tornado outbreaks in US history. Alabama got the worst of it. The whole thing started around 6 am and lasted till early morning hours the following day. There was something like 11 EF4 or EF5 tornadoes, and couple hundred tornadoes total. One was a  mile wide and on the ground for hours more than 100 miles. When my house was hit by a hopping tornado, it sounded like a train whistle. My neighbor's roof landed in my front yard, big oaks, pines, cedars twisted and on the ground, debris everywhere, it looked like a war zone. The whole thing took less than 20 seconds. Let me tell you it will make your adrenaline flow. Than again it was nothing compared to what happened to others, some towns were completely destroyed. It's an experience you will never forget  ;)


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