Because he is a highlander, and it is 100-some years before sajkaca was first worn by the WW1 soldiers, becoming part of the national attire of the šumadians.

Ah, cheers. So what was the common headgear in Serbia back then?

P.S. as for the provocation 'like an Albanian', Albanians national costume consists of everything but Albanian. Living in a relative proximity to the highlanders they adopted a lot of their tradition as well as similar attire as their Slavic as well as Greek neighbours.

??? Sorry. That wasn't intentional, I was just curious as to why a Serbian would be wearing a hat similar to the Albanian hat.

– I will overlook this brainfart, but please distance yourself from that crap, this forum lacks 'normal' Bosniaks. I will encourage you to change your ethnicity to Bosniak, because I find it insulting when a person like you defines himself as a Yugoslav. A Bosniak can never be a Yugoslav by ethnicity, they were the ones that commited genocide upon them.


I thought you were the one that hated provocations? I guess I was wrong.