"…u poveljah s roditelji i praroditelji nasim gospodom srbskom, raskom i bosanskom,
kako da bismo im obicaje recene gospode potvrdili i ustanovili."

– Povelja Stefana Ostoje Dubrovcanima, 5. Februara 1399.[/li]

No, Srblje and Rascia, are not synonyms. One are people the other a region they inhabit as Bosnia and Doclea are.


"Ja Stefan Otstoja po milosti jego Bozastva kralj Srbljem Bosni i Primorju, spodobljen bih
kraljevstvati v zemljah roditelja i praroditelja nasih, tvore pravdu i ispravljaje
i pravila,cine milosti i zapisanija, vjeru ze dae gradovom i vladanijam malim ze i velicim,
vsakomu ze po dostojaniju jego.

…I vlastela i poklisari grada Dubrovnika primise i obavezase se kraljevstvu mi davati
od grada Dubrovnika i od opstine srpski dohodak dvije hiljade perper dinara dubrovackih,
svake godine na Mitrovdan, po zakonu i uvjetu kako su davali nasem bratu svetopocivsi mu
gospodinu kralju Stepanu Tvrtku…"

– Povelja Stefana Ostoje Dubrovcanima, 5. Februara 1399. [/li]

… by grace of God king of the Serbs of Bosnia and the maritime lands


Stefan Uros IV was crowned "Emperor of Serbs and Greeks". Does that mean he was Greek? or that Serbia was 50% Serbian, 50% Greek? Tvrtko was King of Serbs because he was related to the Nemanjic family.

King Tvrtko crowned himself as a Serbian king, whether he was a Serb or a German or a Hungarian or a Martian is a separate discussion.


It is not a 'greater Serbia' story, but a historic fact, that of course is opposed to that separatist bullcrap you are producing, with the need to differ from their Serb and Croat kin.

I am fully aware that the Muhajirs (you) that stayed behind needed some kind of identity to hold upon. I always found it laughable, that hardline muslims took an unimportant Serbian Christian king in a 86 year period where kingdom of Bosnia existed (1377-1463), even taking his insignia and puting a muslim sign on it, as somekind of predecesor (like Jews worshipping Hitler, do you know that Tvrtko slaughtered your ancestors and your kin, he was beheading Bosnian muslims because they betrayed Slavdom and Bosnia). Yes that guy reigned over Bosnia, yes it was a kingdom for 86 years and yes he was just one of the more or less important Serbian lords of that time, like Vuk Brankovic, Balsic, Mrnjacevic, Dragas, Hrebeljanovic etc.

If you see yourself as descendants of Tvrtkos Bosnians, then you see yourself as the people known as Serbs, live with it. You speak their language, you look like them you act as stuborn as them. Only difference, you are not embracing it, but living in somekind of an identity crisis making idiots out of yourselves trying to fantasise a new kind of history that would suit your separatist needs.

Be a Muhajir and pursue that muslim neo-Ottoman agenda (like some forum members do), or be a descendant of Bosnian Serbs of muslim religion and tradition (nobody would stigmatise you for that)… the alternative is to stay an idiot, and dream of things that never were, and noone believes.