Bosnians were not Serbs, I speak Bosnian Slavic language, I am stubborn because I am Bosnian…I cannot embrace what is not mine. ;) I am not a Serb, you are my brothers but I am not one of you. ;) Deal with it.

You are not a Serb because YOU ARE NOT A DESCENDANT of Tvrtkos Bosnians, but a Muhajir with an identity crisis. You are our brother only if you are of Slavic ancestry, since you don't know which ancestry you have, and wish it to be a 'Bosnian Slavic' which is either Croat or Serb tribal one BY HISTORICAL FACTS, I can't consider you a Slav, even if you are as blond and pretty as the fairest of Swedes.

I saw a lot of strange things, but the strangest are the Bosniaks with an identity crisis… it's like Chechens and Tatars seeing themselves as descendants of the Zaporizhian Cossacks.