I know that very well, my problem with the map is that it didn't show that people in central Bosnia and Podrinje have difficulties as well making the difference between č and ć :)

While Krajina is pretty much "kruh" all the way :P

Just for you again main difference is reflex of jat:
Ijekavian (East Herzegovinian) d[size=14pt]ije[/size]te, Šćakavian-Ijekavian d[size=14pt]je[/size]te, Younger Ikavian: d[size=14pt]i[/size]te.

You are constantly mixing ethnic and dialect maps. There are Serbs who speak Jekavian-Šćakavian (Serbs from Tuzla for example). And funny enough they differ č and ć verry well but still they show all ather characteristics of Jekavian-Šćakavian, so they are considered as Jekavian-Šćakavian speakers.

In Kraijana (Krajina as whole western Bosna) it is kru complete lack of h. Same with ljeb instead hljeb.

And please, if we could contnue with national heroes. Linguistics are completly off topic.


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