Kruh (Kruv) and Hljeb were two different things. Kruh was made of corn (krupica), Hljeb of wheat. Croats still say for loaf of bread, hljeb, but for bread alone they use kruh, same as some Serbs like in Krajina or Montenegro.

Хљеб and Крух are both bread, from any kind of flour (wheat, rye, corn). Both words are of ancient Slavic origin кроугъ, хлѣбъ. Difference was that кроугъ was just bread and that хлѣбъ could be both bread and grain (modern Russian хлеба).  Ancient Slavs did not know for corn, it is American plant, which arrived in Europe in XVI century, to us even later. Corn bread is куруза, кукурза, проја.

We say Kruh in the Bosniak parts.

Yes I know it. Characteristic of all Serbian speaches except Old-Shtokavian Zeta dialect is complete lack of H. (Ришћани, 'Ристос, дуван, орас, орај, 'ладно). Bosniaks on other hand tend to put it even on places where it does not have etimological origin, (hudovica, hrđa)


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