Svevlad, what that map should to show us? It is ekavian vs ijekavian vs ikavian not Štokavian vs Čakavian vs Kajkavian. Čakavian and Kajakvian are Croat, Serbs do not understand it and do not speak it.

My mistake ;D wrong map. Anyway, just because Serbs and Bosniaks can't understand Chakavian and Kajkavian doesn't mean they're not dialects of Serbo-Croatian.


Serbo-Croatian (the Slavic language of the Serbs and Croats; the Serbian dialect is usually written in the Cyrillic alphabet and the Croatian dialect is usually written in the Roman alphabet)[/li]

Serbo-Croatian is Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian (You have to remember the Croatian part in Serbo-Croatian). So any dialects of Serbian, or Bosnian, or Croatian, are dialects of Serbo-Croatian.
Serbo-Croatian dialects:


The primary dialects are named after the most common question word for what: Shtokavian uses the pronoun što or šta, Chakavian uses ča or ca, Kajkavian (kajkavski), kaj or kej. The Yugoslav standard language and all four contemporary standard languages are based on the Eastern Hercegovinian subdialect of Neo-Shtokavian, the other dialects not taught in schools or used by the state media. Often the Torlakian dialect is added to the list, though scholars nowadays usually classify it as a transitional dialect between Shtokavian and the Bulgaro-Macedonian (East South Slavic) dialect continuum.[/li]


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