I know what is written in Wikipedia. Languages are classified by level of mutual intelligibility, not by random grouping.

Definition of dialect according to Oxford Dictionary:


The form of a language that is spoken in one area with grammar, words and pronunciation that may be different from other forms of the same language[/li]

Could you understand this?

Of course not, I don't speak the dialect. I speak English fluently yet I can't understand the Cockney English dialect, even though it's a dialect of English. I don't know how fluent you are in English, but can you understand this?


I was going for a ruby down the frog in the jar when the bone went. Cor blimey if it weren't the trouble. She'd had her barnet done and bought a new tit for tat now her plates were giving her jip. Well she gave me a real north and south full 'bout the porkies I told her 'bout the waitress that I had rested my mince pies on, so I puts on me new whistle and peckham rye 'nd we went down the rub a dub dub and she had a cuppa rosey and I had a jar. Sorted.[/li]


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