Definition of dialect according to Oxford Dictionary:


The form of a language that is spoken in one area with grammar, words and pronunciation that may be different from other forms of the same language[/li]

How does this contradict my claim?
Serbo-Croatian is common literary language of Serbs and Croats. Name Serbo-Croatian was officially established on joint Vienna Literary Agreement of 1850 while Serb and Croat lands were still part of the Ottoman and Habsburg Empires. Officially, the language was called variously Serbo-Croat, Croato-Serbian, Serbian and Croatian, Croatian and Serbian, Serbian or Croatian, Croatian or Serbian, depending of place.  Serbo-Croatian never existed as vernaculare.
Čakavian and Kajkavian are exclusively part of Croatian history, literature etc, there is no link between Serbian literature and that language.


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