Just stated the information present. As for Vojvodina, it is true since they were in the Habsburg Empire, nonetheless they are of the same ancestry as the rest of us, the ones in Bosnia as well. They are called Serbs because they are Serbs, they descend from the same people, not because of the church.

Orthodox churches weren't built to assimilate, they built mosques for that.

But once before you said Croatia doesn't has the continuity because of Austro-Hungary thus you wrote some mumbo jumbo about Croatian nobility actually being Hungarians then. So basically those people that migrated became citizens of Hungary so by considering your logic they aren't Serbs. During those 500 years there were only Hungarians and Turks on the territory, i see no Serbia on maps there neither such a country right? Btw on whom do modern day Serbia draws it's ties to if the continuity is non-existent due to a hole of 500 years, are you sure you're an original Serb?


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