Oh i see, so there was no Serbization of people including changing their faith and surnames into Serbian ones? Such as Vlachs in Croatia (Lika, Dalmatinska Zagora,) and in Bosnia, and turning them into "Serbs"?

Serbs did not asimilate Vlachs, today you have quite numerous Vlach population in Serbia. Btw, how we could impose our nationality in state (Austro-Hungary) where we were fighting for autonomy of even our schools and Church? Commanders in Krajina were Germans, judges were German also. Our metropolitans could not be chose without approval of Austrian Governemnt, not shcool could be opened, we even needed Governemnt autorization for schoolbooks. 

or Serbization of Macedonians and Bulgarians into Serbs with changing their surnames from (example) Popov into Popović etc.

You can go in Vojvodina Popov is typical Serbian surname there.


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