1. Oh why don't you then go to Nerethene area and ask them who where the people of Pagania? :)

2. Could that be because of Serbization of Vlachs during Ottoman rule? What defines you an Serbian ancestry? As far as i know old Serbs come from White Serbia where we can find Sorbs today which consist of 60%R1a Haplogroup and 30% of R1b Haplogroup while in Serbia it is only 16%. It would actually indicate that only 16% of Serbs carry the "old" Serbian ancestry if we're gonna be so detailed. So what defines ancestry to you? Surname? because surname is an extremely bad way to view upon it since it's easily manipulated and was numerously changed during history. I've seen quite a bit of Jovanovići who are gypsies.

3. I see, i guess that's why there is 5x more of them in Croatia then in Serbia.

1. Vatikan is strong, we have some of them here as well, Carniolian for example. In centuries of reign over maritime parts of Zahumlje, Vatikan cleansed them all. As far as I know Croats didn't inhabit that region nor did they migrate there, so they had to be croatised some time in their history.

2. What defines my Serbian ancestry is my paternal lineage. My father, grandfather, up until the white eagle of the family were Serbs, since only Serbs existed in the parts I draw my lineage from. Who the mothers were, who the f[size=1pt]'[/size]uck knows, probably Roman women at the beginning. We came to the Roman empire, not to Poland and Germany. As for the Jovanovići, what do you think which people bear a significant portion of the surnames Horvat in Hungary, dzelem dzelem?

3. I'll guess in which part, is it Zahumlje?


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