It would actually indicate that only 16% of Serbs carry the "old" Serbian ancestry if we're gonna be so detailed. So what defines ancestry to you? Surname? because surname is an extremely bad way to view upon it since it's easily manipulated and was numerously changed during history. I've seen quite a bit of Jovanovići who are gypsies.

Well, you know wery well, that such astudies are proofs of same quality as determination by surname. Nevertheless I2a-P37.2 is the most prevailing haplogroup  amnog Serbs, aproximately 33%. Its frequencey peaks in BiH, Hungaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia. So called Slavic R1a1-M17 is third. On other hand you have 50% of R1 in soem parts Northwestern India, nevertheless, those people, without any doubt absorbed to much Australoasian genetic material, which is obvious when you just look at them.

I see, i guess that's why there is 5x more of them in Croatia then in Serbia.

Unless you made extensive research, this is not argument at all. I could name few Croats with typically Serbian names and surnames: Đorđe Novković, Stojko Vranković, Milan Uzelac, Svetozar Borojević, Ognjen Vukojević, Milan Rapajić, Miladin Pršo… Such numerings are pointless.


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