Well I could allways call him islamized Serb. :P But, I guess we allways put aside our conceptions in order to speak about things we have in common Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks (You Slovenes, are also part of our crew, as soon as you admit it it would be easier for you to deal with it :P )

I do not share that part of the crew idea.

For me Croats are Croats, Bosniaks are Bosniaks, even Montenegrins are Montenegrins. They are as much of a different nation as they wish to be, I would honestly want that we do not have ANYTHING in common with them, in that way I wouldn't have to listen to all that cra[size=1pt]'[/size]p, day in day out. I am pleased they speak a different language, I just hope they hurry up with reconstructing it, as fast as they can, so we will finally not be able to understand them anymore.

This is my optimistic view of the future. :)


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