Cvetinov, let's just stop it here now…why i replied to you is for you to see that both Serbs and Croats can be dismembered into pieces and one could find numerous both local and neighboring people in our countries. So stop mentioning Croats 24/7 and proving we're all Serbs because you both know that isn't true. So let's put a dot on this topic and avoid us, and if you can't resist i'm sure there is some your national board where all that would be more than welcome since topics tend to derail when you start proving something. There is a lot of things we Croats could prove too and provide a bunch of information about numerous historical topics considering Serbia but then again i'm not sure would there anything positive come out of it. Focus on something else from now on.

No Pentaz, I am not proving that Croats are Serbs, on the contrary I am defending my Serbian heritage from being hijacked by ethnicities that would like to present it as their own. It is my patriotic duty to fight against that. Croats are Croats, and should stay like that, I am not proving them as Serbs for they aren't Serbs. After the 90's I do not know what devil got into your head to look for 'more heritage' which you could write down as your own, I explain it with new nation > new history, but every time you put just a single piece of our own, down into your history books, and label it as 'Croat' you will get the reaction you are seeing.

No nation would tolerate that, especially not the Serbs. For you are not Serbs, and by that are not allowed to take or share a slightest part of our heritage.


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