No Pentaz, I am not proving that Croats are Serbs, on the contrary I am defending my Serbian heritage from being hijacked by ethnicities that would like to present it as their own. It is my patriotic duty to fight against that. Croats are Croats, and should stay like that, I am not proving them as Serbs for they aren't Serbs.

No nation would tolerate that, especially not the Serbs. For you are not Serbs, and by that are not allowed to take or share a slightest part of our heritage.

Cvetinov, we do not need or want your Serbian heritage, certain idiots in the past imposed that on us; we will take what we want or need, nobody can force us into such things again (EU even started that now but it will stop with time).
This is a forum for sharing SLAVIC heritage, so all Slavic people are free to share their knowledge about that topic but in a good will, not with an intention to start a fight. Somehow your posts often provoke a negative reply; with your knowledge you should be a moderator here,not a instigator of conflict;think before you write.


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