Cvetinov, we do not need or want your Serbian heritage, certain idiots in the past imposed that on us; we will take what we want or need, nobody can force us into such things again (EU even started that now but it will stop with time).
This is a forum for sharing SLAVIC heritage, so all Slavic people are free to share their knowledge about that topic but in a good will, not with an intention to start a fight. Somehow your posts often provoke a negative reply; with your knowledge you should be a moderator here,not a instigator of conflict;think before you write.

And why is that? is a question one should ask. This is also a forum for preserving Slavic heritage (stands in the banner), thus my duty is to preserve MY Slavic heritage. Sometimes although unwillingly I have to act harsh when being confronted with a mass of imagination and fabrication, as well as the energy invested in such wild fantasies, that I have to act stern against such claims. That harshness however does provoke negative replies, although it shouldn't, it could also provoke a meaningful discussion about the subject… unfortunately, and you ask yourself why, it doesn't.

– I will answer; Young people (one can also say young nations) do not need discussion, they need myths to feel better for doing nothing.


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