Well, guys there is allways ignore option. I think last thing Serbs and Croats need is another clash. We could have and certainly we do have different opinion on certaing things, but for God's sake, no need to point it on each forum from Japan to Alaska.

There is a need for consensus Dalibor, and the quarrels will proceed until that consensus is finally met. Not by us, which will get tired with time, but by those coming after, with fresh energy to start a new. This will continue until consensus is met.

Ignoring instead of discussing, will bring us to where we are now. Nowhere. This forum is a good platform, but unfortunately without capable or willing users that would engage a meaningful discussion. Young people like stated are in no need for that, they need myths to pump their ego's. Sitting in a chair watching porn and imagining themselves more aryan, more noble, more worth than others, by nothing more than their birth.

There is no honour or nobility in such a stance. A Gypsy that fights the cr[size=1pt]'[/size]ap of the world he was confronted with by his birth, has more noble character and honour, than a white, aryan Slav masturbating to midget porn and discussing subracial phenotypes.


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