There is a need for consensus Dalibor, and the quarrels will proceed until that consensus is finally met. Not by us, which will get tired with time, but by those coming after, with fresh energy to start a new. This will continue until consensus is met.

Well, problem is that consesus should be reached by Serbian and Croatian linguists and linguist from rest of world specialized in Serbistic and Croazistic (people trained for those languages). Niether of people who discussed there is linguist. I gathered few things during school, what to say 7 langages during some 16 years, but I am theologian specialized in New Testament, History of Church and Canon Law, I am not linguist. I stated my opinion allready in this thread, enough from me.
If you wish to preserve our heritage, just do as you are allready doing in other threads.

Back to the topic. I mostly can tell whether I hear Croatian or Serbian, but Bosnian… I couldn't identify it.

Konzervativac, will tell you speak "razvaljeni bošnjački" :P (broken Bosniak). To be honest, you first must ask speaker how he declares himself by nationality, before deteminiating which language he speak.


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