Well, problem is that consesus should be reached by Serbian and Croatian linguists and linguist from rest of world specialized in Serbistic and Croazistic (people trained for those languages). Niether of people who discussed there is linguist. I gathered few things during school, what to say 7 langages during some 16 years, but I am theologian specialized in New Testament, History of Church and Canon Law, I am not linguist. I stated my opinion allready in this thread, enough from me. If you wish to preserve our heritage, just do as you are allready doing in other threads.

Yes you are right, I hope it will come to that. And I will surely proceed, if people feel offended by our heritage, then they should ask or state arguments they find reasonable, rather than to negatively reply, because exactly that is the foundation of every meaningful discussion we should try to achieve.

I will give an example; I was posting a message about Šokci, what I believe a Slavic ethnographic group native to the Pannonian Basin, more precisely Slavonia. Instead of negatively replying, one could have answered with an argument that it is believed that a large portion of them migrated from parts of medieval Croatia because of the Turkish oppression and islamisation, which is also supported by their pronunciation of the letter 'jat' as 'i', like the Croats still inhabiting that area pronounce. Let's hope we will get to that level someday.


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