You will hear it in Bosnia, it is 'the Bosniak language' spoken when trying to emphasize that it is different from Serbian and Croatian. (Lahko, not lahako, typo) Sahat is the original word, sat is the Serbianised/Croatised version of it, Serbs actually say час / čas, not sat. Not all Bosniaks speak like that however, just the ones speaking 'Bosniak or Bosnian', emphasizing that it is different than Serbian/Croatian.

When you say Sat, are you referring to Hour, or something else? Because I use both Sat and Čas, but they mean different things to me.

Here is a Bosniak cartoon, sycnhronised on Bosniak or Bosnian language.
Odnos prema komsijama (crtani film sinhronizovano na Bosanski)

Islamski Studio Taqwa? I'm not surprised that they would use so much Arabic and Persian words ;D
Usually, the more religious a Bosniak is, the more likely they are to use Turkisms.


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