Though, we find it funny when Serbs from Serbia take out the H in some words, e.g. Odža instead of Hodža ;D

Yes that is the vulgar part I was talking about, that the colloquial language got raised to the literary standard. In a conversation you usually lose some letters, like kao > ko', stol > sto', sokol > soko', historija > 'istorija. Now it is nothing wrong when used in a conversation, but using it as a literary standard is a desecration of the language in my eyes. Unfortunately the linguistic 'experts' see it otherwise, or do not see it at all. Croats are far more stricter concerning that.

You're probably right. I don't know if you Serbs and Croats use it the same way, but when I use Čas it's something like Time or Class, e.g. Čas biologija (Biology class).

That as well.


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