First of all историја/хисторија does not have anything with Turkisms and so called vulgarisation. It is Greek word and pronoucniation changed during the time. Before times Alexander the Great ἱστορία sounded like historia. After that time lot of phonetical changes occured. The aspirate breathing (aspiration), which was already lost in the Ionic varieties of Asia Minor and the Aeolic of Lesbos, stopped being pronounced and written in popular texts. In thtat way ἱστορία  became to sound like istoria. Serbs (and other Orthodox Slavs) borrowed it from Byzantine Greek (Old Church Slavonic: їсторїꙗ, Serbian/Macedonian: историја, Russian/Bulgarian история, Ukrainian iсторія).
Concerning other changes, it is not desacration language, it is phonetical change which occured. Pointless to preserve sometnig which nobody was pronouncing.

It is true istorija, was a false example. I wouldn't agree that it is pointless to preserve something which nobody was pronouncing, since slang or colloquialism isn't, shouldn't be literary language. I will take standard German as an example, it is a solely fabricated language, which wasn't spoken by any of the German ethnicities (some however shared more traits than others), if they have had used Bavarian German (language of Bavaria, Switzerland and Austria) on the method we are using, I believe a large portion of their literary heritage, especially concerning their german vocabulary, would vanish with time.

Exactly that vanishing of the linguistical heritage we are seeing in Serbia today as well as from the time of Vuk Stef. Karadzic, where almost every Serbian word considered archaic (or out of use) is being replaced with a more efficient, or sometimes just 'cooler' foreign one. I am strongly opposed to that, but stand in a grave minority.

The Serbian language will vanish with time, thanks to uneducated masses. One would have to go to Zagreb to learn Serbian, just as it was predicted 150 years ago.


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