'The Language' is not some fu[size=1pt]'[/size]cked up car that got old, and has to be repaired with spare parts from England, Turkey or Germany, to be more efficient. It is our SLAVIC LANGUAGE, the highest, holiest, most valuable heritage we as Slavs have. Argument of efficiency is against my belief. The church maintained the purity of our language as much as it could, now in the last 150 years we see it desecrated because some peasants saw themselves capable of reforming the language to their needs, too lazy to learn their own ancestral tongue, erasing heritage for more efficiency.

A very good point. If a word cannot be found in any of our languages why not trying to look for a substitute in other Slav languages?

An example
Airport – аэропорт (Russian) – letališče (Slovenian) – letiště (Czech)
The substitute from either Slovenian or Czech would make a perfect sense in Russian language. The word can be modified slightly if needs to be. Летище…! It sounds good to me.


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