Great information, thank you.

I support use of vernacular as the literary linguistical basis, especially Eastern Herzegovinian since it is the most wide spread, with the highest amount of modern literary works preserved in it (as I believe). In other words, vernacular should build the grammatical basis of the [shadow=grey,right]Standard[/shadow].

I object however the use of foreign words, also those words that are used as colloquialisms (especially turkcisms) as well as newly-imported Anglicisms, Germanisms, Galicisms, that do have a substitute in the Serbian linguistical heritage (OCS, Slavjanoserbski etc.) not necessarily vernacular, in the [shadow=grey,right]Standard[/shadow]. Those words that are non-Slavic, thus foreign, but do not have a substitute in the Serbian linguistical heritage, should form a substitute based upon All-Slav linguistical heritage, e.g. пешкир > укр. рушник.

Those words that do not have a substitute other than foreign, should stay in their foreign form.

Colloquial language will stay colloquial, people will talk with vulgarisms, foreign words, imported words from new trends. [shadow=grey,right]The Standard[/shadow] however should stay preserved as what it is, a literary standard, with as less as possible foreign non-Slavic influence upon it.

As for the writing standard, I support the reinstating of the letter 'jat', to unify the four reflextions of one letter into one uniform standardised language. How one pronounces it, is his individual or regional preference. A similar trend we can see with the letter 'č / ч' which is one, but pronounced differently according to individual or regional preference among Croats for example, I believe with time it will with 'ć' merge into one letter. With differentiation I meant in script rather than spoken. Furthermore I am against double-scripts, Latin should be abolished, only Azbuka (Cyrillics) should be used, we are not building a state with other ethnicities anymore, therefore there is no need for foreign scripts in our standard anymore.

The media is obliged to follow [shadow=grey,right]the Standard[/shadow], not some cra[size=1pt]'[/size]p they learn on the street, or brought back from home.

    [li]This is my stance, upon that matter.[/li]


I know there isn't, nevertheless it is our Serbian form of the Slavic language, which we share with other Slavs.

Well, Vuk certainly did lot erors, there was no need for radical cut with previous literary tradition. I dont think it is completely his mistake, lot of it was done latter (for example when our western taught intelectuals started importing latin concepts, while we had Shurch Slavonic terms). Vuk was self-taught folklorist and was not allwaays able to see what is foreign and what is slavic, main mistake was his translation of New Testament, because he laked knowledge for such deed.
But I would not be that much pesimistic, our language is in danger by language imperialism it is true, but there are positive signs, in technology patern is like this: first we use borrowed or foreign word (компјутер is boorowed it fits in Serbian phonology pretty well, but for example браузер sound awkard in Serbian) for some time and after we are starting to use Serbian words (рачунар, веб прегледач(Mozilla and Google accpeted that therm, it originated in translation of KDE, Linux GUI)), Main problem is when you go in foreign ambasade they are forcing you to write in Latin, foreign companie do not respect fact that most of Serbs write in Cyrillic (handwriting), well  we are guilt at certian degree for that, Serbs tend not to use Cyrillic on internet, nor care to us localized software, which is grave mistake. In Germany you could not find computer with interface in English, in France likewise.


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