Yesterday i lifted 120kg x3reps 4 series on bench press. I don't want to push it too much thought, going on slowly to more and more weight

just wondering, how much do you guys lift?

I don't bench press at all. Here is my slant on physical training. This maybe a little long so bear with me  ;)  First my training reflects my life philosophy, I like simplicity and practicality. To give you an example I believe  a man should own only three kinds of things: guns and blades, tools, and exercise equipment everything else is fluff  ;) I like very little stuff and a lot of space.  As to training I am into strength endurance training ( capacity to work hard for extended periods of time ), lean and mean body type, maximum strength with as small body mass as possible. My idol is Arthur Saxon http://www.sandowplus.co.uk/Competition/Saxon/saxon.htm  ( you can download a lot of strength training books of old masters there ). I like Russian approach, going for what matters and leaving all else behind. As to exercises I do compounds: dead lift, snatch, cleans, overhead press, squats, pull-ups, dips, etc. Isolation movements don't develop stabilizers and that's a no no if your goal is strength endurance. I also train grip and forearms: crushing, pinch, extensors, supporting.  Tendon and ligaments training are a must as well.  Also I pay attention to staying flexible, not crazy yoga stretching because that goes beyond joints full ROM ( range of motion ) and actually stretches ligaments which makes joints weak, unstable and prone to injury, just regular western style stretching.  I also use Russian kattlebells, great training tool, probably best.  Man I almost wrote a book  ;D  I don't use any supplements or protein, just food.  I'm done for now.  ;)


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