The isometric exercise are based on training the power, the strenght and endurance. This exercises require no movement, yet they can have the same effect, if not better, of the standart exercise. Why? To do a curl, for example, we used for two seconds the motion and the time frame in which the muscle work is almost less than a second. Isometric exercises are based on the work of the muscle in its broadest possible time. In fact we need that the muscle works constantly. How do that? Have you ever used the hand grip? Like this?


Try to make a normal movement with your other hand touching the forearm. You can see that the muscle swells only for a moment, that is, when you close out your hand and reopen it. Now try to close the hand in half and stand still. What do you notice? The muscle is in contraction and is working on endurance and strength. This is the basis of isometric exercises, the muscle to work for as long as possible. This type of training does not increase muscle mass, surely a little, but overall it develops strength and endurance of the muscle.

When I have more time, I write the exercises you can do at home without needing equipment.

I need this! This is good sports tool.