I use Weider Gold Whey:


there one more great protein, called Standard Gold Whey…so if you are going to get one, do one of these.

Protein itself can only help you, it's just an extract from meat or diary products or soy that contain protein. It's hard for example to eat 200g of protein in a day, because you would eventually get bored with eating that much chicken and tuna, so in order to eat a bit less but still consume enough protein you drink let's say a 30g of when protein in morning with cereals and 30g of protein mixed with water after training.

Thought you shouldn't over drink it of course because your kidney needs time to process it, of course same rule as with everything, balanced and in boundaries, it's a supplement so you can't base your diet around it. As for pills, i don't like them so i don't use them, i believe shake is an better option because it gets digested faster than a pill. I actually believe he didn't drink protein pills but amino acid pills?