So i see, thanks for info. Yes i am not sure what were those pills but in slovene he called them aminokisline if i remember corectly. Honesty i dont know whats the difference. I didnt ask him so i am not sure.

Well look, all athletes be it bodybuilders, boxers, football players, cyclists, gymnasts or any other use such products.

To divide it for you on what is considered natural and what is considered cheating and unhealthy:

Protein (Whey and Casian)

in between:

Anabolic Steroids
Insulin injections
testerone injections
hormone pills

so that's about it…my boss played handball and he used amino acids and proteins as well, even average people should drink or consume more protein on average basis. Amino Acids improve your rehabilitation from a hard workout, feed the muscle and make him bigger, stronger and rehabilitate faster, and Amino Acids in general are essential part of all meats we eat be it red or white meat.